Measurements and results

As part of a research program, two methods were used to determine the brightness of the night sky:

  • observational, astronomical (so called: cometary)
  • instrumental (using the SQM)

The cometary method allow to determine the brightness of the night, cloudless sky since 1994, with any direct measurements of this value available in Poland. The intrumental method allowed for the direct measurement of the brightness of the night sky in any weather conditions.

Databases of the sky brightness measurements done with the SQM-LE

The owners of above databases, the Cracow University of Technology (PK - stations no. 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10) and Astronomical Observatory of the Jagiellonian University (OA UJ - station no. 3) agree to use data from these databases by an authorized users, provided the source is acknowledged. Reproduction and publication of these data requires a consent of the owner.

Comparison of the Sa values obtained by the cometary and instrumental methods

Measurement pointCoordinatescometary methodSQMdifferencesample
Cracow50°04' N
19°54' E
19,718,71,026 (comet.)
206 (SQM)
Lublin51°14' N
22°33' E
19,418,60,828 (comet.)
4 (SQM)
Jerzmanowice near Cracow50°12' N
19°45' E
21,420,60,817 (comet.)
120 (SQM)
Lubomir Range (Beskid Makowski)49°45' N
20°02' E
21,520,90,624 (comet.)
5 (SQM)
Bieszczady Mountains49°09' N
22°19' E
22,121,70,416 (comet.)
15 (SQM)